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We are Revolutionizing Emergency Communications

Join us and become a part of a team committed to excellence, innovation, and public service. Your work can be as meaningful to the community as it is to you. 

At Jeffcom, our Emergency Communications Specialists are recognized as first responders and key contributors to the success of the emergency response system. 

Jeffcom is revolutionizing 9-1-1 across the nation. We actively seek to implement bleeding-edge technologies and workflows. 

We believe 9-1-1 should be modern, efficient, and adaptive. In everything we do, we are committed to providing the best possible service to those in need.

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About Jeffcom 911

We are the vital link between emergency services and the community – the FIRST first responders. Jeffcom is one of the largest emergency communications centers in the country, providing dispatch services to 30 police, fire, and emergency medical agencies.  

Honoring First Responders - A Dispatcher's Story

Jeffcom 911 Emergency Communications Specialist Nancy Burckhalter was honored by the OneGoat Foundation for her role in an extremely difficult 9-1-1 call resulting in the loss of Arvada Police Officer Dillon Vakoff.