Hiring Process

Know what to expect when seeking a career as a first responder with Jeffcom 911.

The hiring process includes elements which may be new to some. Our goal is to set you up for success!

The following steps are the hiring process for Emergency Communications Specialist and Communications Specialist.

Submit an Application

Visit our career portal to learn about open positions and submit your application. 

CritiCall Testing

Candidates will take the CritiCall test: a tool used to evaluate skills such as data entry, multi-tasking, decision making, position locating, and more.


The interview provides the opportunity to speak with a panel about your experience and what you wish to bring to Jeffcom.

Conditional Job Offer

Candidates invited to move forward in the process will receive a conditional job offer to continue in the hiring process.

Background Check

Candidates participate in a 4-6 week comprehensive background check. 

Medical Screening

Candidates will complete a drug, vision and hearing examination for employment.

Psychological Evaluation

A psychological evaluation is conducted to ensure candidates are a fit to work in the 9-1-1 industry.

Ready to Get Started?

Let’s start a conversation. If you are ready to be a part of the vital link between emergency services and the community, we’d love to talk to you.